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IPv6 Subteam Priorities For Kilo

List of work items the Neutron IPv6 Subteam is prioritizing for Kilo.

High Prioritiy Items - Neutron DVR and Router Support

  • Kilo is going to be mostly focused on techincal debt repayment, so in Sean’s view, this release is going to focus heavily on fixing outstanding bugs, and fixing gaps in features that landed during the Juno development cycle, that have bugs when using IPv6.

  • In addition, specs that were introduced during the Juno cycle, and did not make the Juno release should have high priority because stakeholders have been very patient and continued to participate

With this in mind, the following items are considered to be the main focus of the subteam for the Kilo cycle.



These three items are to bring IPv6 support for Neutron’s Distributed Virtual Router feature, as well as regular Neutron routers.

Items that have not been prioritized and need discussion